Learn #WorldNGODay

An opportunity for individuals to learn more about the people involved with NGOs.

Inspire #WorldNGODay

An opportunity to inspire people to consider a career within the NGO/Non-profit sector.

Share #WorldNGODay

A day for NGOs around the globe to share their knowledge and experiences with one another.

Display #WorldNGODay

An international symbol to display the efforts and achievements of all NGOs from all sectors.

World NGO Day
February 27

How do you celebrate World NGO day?

There are various ways how you can participate in World NGO Day

#WorldNGODay – spread the word on social media.

Organize virtual interviews with local or international leaders on Skype/Zoom, record the video and share it on youtube/vimeo.

Organize your virtual conference on World NGO Day 2021 - #WorldNGODay on Skype/Zoom, record and share it on social media. Your virtual conference will unite people from around the world

February 27

More Ideas

Let's celebrate #WorldNGODay

→ Organize activities to raise awareness, such as sharing messages with the community via online, TV, Radio, newsletters or local newspapers.

→ Organize your virtual Hackathon on World NGO Day. A hackathon is a sprint-like event, which is when people come together and discuss issues and problems, and then come up with ideas to solve them.

→ Organizing local NGO awards is a great way to thank people involved with NGOs.

→ Cooperate with local schools/universities to run simulated World NGO Day events for students/pupils to learn about challenges in the NGO sector.

→ Host celebratory events to raise awareness and funds.

→ Organize an NGO Network event to share ideas with other, offering complimentary services and goods.


What can my business do on World NGO day?

There are various ways how SMEs and corporates can participate in World NGO Day on February 27th, please see some great ideas provided by Bank of America.

Whatever approach you take, get attention for your activities by using the official hashtags of World NGO Day: #WorldNGODay and #NGODay.

Educate, then spread the word. Make your customers and the community aware of the mission of your chosen NGO and the need for what it does. You can use social media, email, your website and public relations to spread the news about both the NGO you support and World NGO Day in general.

Encourage your customers to donate to your chosen NGO. Make it fun: Give a percentage of your profits on February 27 to the nonprofit organization to encourage your customers to buy from you, or offer a discount to every customer who gives X amount.

Get involved. Plan and host an event to raise awareness of what your NGO does and how members of the community can participate.

Donate. Make a donation to the NGO of your choice. You don’t have to donate money—in fact, donating goods or services can be more effective at raising awareness of your cause.

Organize your virtual conference on World NGO Day 2021 – #WorldNGODay on Skype/Zoom, record and share it on social media. Your virtual conference will unite people from around the world. From forward-thinking NGO leaders to social activists, volunteers, corporate professionals, corporate trailblazers and young innovators, every voice could be represented. In the virtual conference you can discus various topics from the aftermath and the impact of Covid-19 to new opportunities for NGOs. Fostering collaboration across stakeholder groups, both public and private, is key to driving sustainable development for a better world tomorrow.

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World NGO Day
World NGO Day