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World NGO Day is celebrated in more than 89 countries and over six continents

Each year World NGO Day is celebrated on February 27th.
Back in 2014, the 27th of February became a historic day for the NGO community worldwide. This  international calendar day, now known as “World NGO day,” was inaugurated for the first time internationally.
World NGO Day is an international day dedicated to recognize, celebrate and honour all non-governmental and nonprofit organizations, and the people behind them that contribute to the society all year around. 
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2014 - The First Celebration

First time marked officially by the UN, EU leaders and international organizations in 2014.

The Global Inaugural event of World NGO day was hosted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland on 27th of February 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

6 Continents

Each year on February 27th,
a diverse array of supporters worldwide, from over six continents
and more than 89 countries, come together
to celebrate World NGO day and recognize the missions and
contributions of such organizations.

اليوم العالمي للمنظمات غير الحكومية‎ (World NGO Day) JCI Syria
Día Mundial de las ONGs (World NGO Day) State of Mexico
Journée mondiale des ONG (World NGO Day)
organised by Comité de Coordination des ONGI en RCA
Bangui, Central African Republic
विश्व एनजीओ दिवस (World NGO Day)
Delhi Police South District
Delhi, India


Since 2014, Pakistan helds various events and conferences inorder to celebrate World NGO day each year. For example, Zafar Iqbal, a Pakistani NGO leader and founder of the NGO World and chairman of TNW Foundation, organises a national level conferences, exhibition, seminar, and the SWERA Awards on February 27

On the occasion of the World NGO Day, each year the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe is organizing a high level conference in Europe. The event brings together a variety of stakeholders, including representatives of Civil Society, Permanent representations of Council of Europe Members States, prominent Human Rights activists, students and members of the Secretariat of the Council of Europe. 

The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europeis the body representing civil society in the Council of Europe, a European organisation founded in 1949. The Council of Europe has 47 member states with some 800 million citizens and its seat is in Strasbourg, France. 
World NGO Day
World NGO Day