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Jan Mattsson at World NGO Day 2014
Mr. Jan Mattsson

UNOPS Executive Director

"I am honoured to have the opportunity to be with you here today. Working for the United Nations for many years I have seen the huge contribution NGOs have made to further the development, peacebuilding and humanitarian goals of the international community and, most importantly, to the lives of people in need. Personally I believe that a World NGO day is an excellent opportunity to recognize and celebrate the successes of the sector, and also to provide a focus for new ideas..."

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Mr. Andris Piebalgs 2
Mr. Andris Piebalgs

European Commissioner for Development

“NGOs have always been at the forefront of social movements and changes. The European Commission greatly values their willingness to act, their independence and above all their deep and genuine concern for the well-being of the communities they serve. On every single day of the year, all over the world, NGOs are working hard for...”

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Ms. Helen Clark
Ms. Helen Clark

UNDP Administrator

"Welcome to today’s event celebrating World NGO Day. UNDP is pleased to join the Government of Finland, UNESCO, UNOPS, the European Commission, and other partners in celebrating the tremendous work of non-governmental organizations, and of all the dedicated people working for them in countries around the world…"

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20140227-DSC_3124 Falt2
Mr. Eric Falt

UNESCO Assistant Director-General

"...I am very please to be here at the World NGO Day 2014 event… I thank you for this initiative, and I certainly hope it will flourish over time and that it will be recognised sooner rather than later… world days are important.. they are moments to raise awareness and mobilise support, to push on the national and international agenda. This is an oportunity to raise the flag for NGOs and to simply recognise the way they change the world we live in… today NGOs are probably at the very cutting edge of work for the collective good at the national, regional and international level. “

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Aicha Bah Diallo at World NGO Day
Ms. Aicha Bah Diallo

Vice president, NGO-UNESCO Committee
Chair, Forum of African Women Educationalists
Former Guinea’s Minister of Education
Former Assistant Director-General, UNESCO

“…its really a pleasure to be with you today. You know, when Marcis talked to me about the "World NGO Day” I said WOW this is a very important initiative! I most support it!… and today this gathering is just wonderful. Now talk about NGOS… when I was called again to be minister, I thought 3 times.. yet the independence of NGO is so wonderful - I should stay with the NGOs - so celebrating this day with you is so great. The NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee was elected 2 years ago, and we are 9 members coming from all around the world… and believe me we call for partisanship between NGOs and society...

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20140227-DSC_3503 Talvitie
Ms. Tuija Talvitie

Executive Director, Crisis Management Initiative

“I would like to thank the organisers for the kind invitation to join you here this afternoon, in celebration of the work of NGOs. I represent an NGO called Crisis Management Initiative CMI, our work focuses on preventing and resolving violence conflicts around the...

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